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Site Featured on WP Plugins A to Z

The site has been featured in episode 409 of John Overall's podcast on YouTube:

John has a segment at the end of each of his weekly podcasts dedicated to ClassicPress. It is great to see the site is being found.

You can watch the podcast here:

Congratulations on being featured on WP Plugins A to Z!

Yes, good work. The more ways to get the message out, the better!

Yes, John is quite keen on CP and will make a good ambassador. He completely understands why CP was needed and has a couple of sites under his control that simply won't work with Gutenberg.

He has said in the past that he expects CP could pick up nearly 30% of the disgruntled WP users. He has a lot of followers, so his weekly segment will be one to watch.

What do you all think ClassicPress should do in order to start making serious inroads into that market?

I have added a new board for marketing in the General category.