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Site Blog and Twitter

As well as the forum, this site has a blog under the "News" tab and a Twitter account.

These do contain content that is my opinion only though. Unlike the forum, where any member can voice their ideas, the blog and Twitter posts don't necessarily represent what other members think or feel.

But feel free to comment on anything I write there. If you think I have overstepped the mark, then I will certainly consider modifying what I've said, if members think I should.

I'll add replies to this post when new content has been added.

A new blog post has been made, "Take Back Control of Your Site".

Good article! Very well written.

Thanks. I try 🙂

A new blog post has been made, "Install the Advanced Editor"

This is one of CodePotent's ClassicPress plugins and is a pre-gutenberg fork of TinyMCE Advanced.

A new blog post has been made, "Elementor and Simple CSS".

This allows you to edit all sections of a page or post for free, with no need to pay the yearly fee for the Elementor Theme Builder addon - no matter how many sites you own!

A new blog post has been made with a podcast from WP Plugins A to Z featuring James Nylen and Michelle Coe, discussing how ClassicPress came to be and what the short-term future holds.