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I am now using the GeneratePress theme (free version) on maybe a third of all my sites. It's not a super light-weight one like Susty, but I find it very easy to work with and tweak to suit my needs. And it works perfectly with CP. I have just finished making up a new site theme to match an existing Magento site I manage, and I was able to duplicate the current Magento site very closely (I plan to migrate this client off Magento over Christmas).



I ended up taking a fork of GeneratePress and cleaning out the "pro" upsells. If anyone wants to have a play with it, you can find it here:

There is also another GitHub repo with a child theme that contains various extras that I often use on sites. That can be found here:

Please note: NO RESPONSIBILITY TAKEN if you use this on any of your sites. It's working fine for me on about 25 sites now, but I am not maintaining it or supporting it as such. But I will endeavour to answer questions if you have any (within my limited ability). 

Thanks Oz. I have an unlimited license for GeneratePress Pro that I got many moons ago. It's a very versatile and clean theme and I use it on a lot of my sites.

A cut-down version will be a good option for people and including a pre-made child theme will help newcomers learn the benefits of not modifying the parent theme.

It is a very versatile theme. The reason I made my own version was because I started seeing extra Gutenberg stuff creeping in.

Just for the record, the child theme also includes:

  • Colorbox (to make gallery displays look nicer)
  • Flexslider (for slideshows)
  • Ken burns effect slider (for those who like slideshows to move)
  • Fork-awesome files
  • A simple contact page
  • A custom front page (if you want that to be different)

Cool. Yes Gutenberg did stuff up what was a simple settings page when editing a page or post for GeneratePress.

Hopefully they will maintain backwards capability with WP 4.x

Sounds like your theme version would be quite handy.