ClassicPress Club Objective

The Site Objective

The objective of this site is very simple – to raise awareness of ClassicPress. It is no mean feat to create something that is in direct competition with something as huge and well established as WordPress.

The first stable release of CP was only made as recently as the 5th of March 2019, after being in Beta for around four months. For such an undertaking, that is a very short timeframe indeed and shows how much effort the project team has put into the CMS.

Like our little plant above, it has broken new ground and needs nurturing before it can grow into its full size. The project team can only do so much, and the real growth will come from website owners being willing to make the switch. More importantly, they then need to tell others about their experience. Word of mouth is the most trustworthy and fastest way to advertise a new product.

I am doing my part by running this site. But the site is not about my views, but those of every member who joins the forum. Most of the forum categories are visible to guests, which means search engines will also pick up the posts. There are member-only categories if you don’t want your posts to be public.

So why did I make a forum site, when ClassicPress already has their own? The main reason is their forum and their Slack channels are focused on the technical aspects of the software and setting up rules and guidelines on how it will operate. I would say the majority of the posts are either by team members or developers asking questions. For the average website owner, those posts are not of much interest to them.

The forum on this site is for the person who wants nothing to do with Gutenberg and is simply looking for an alternative to WordPress. The Classic Editor plugin that disables Gutenberg has over 5 million active installations at the time I write this, which shows a large number of website owners don’t want anything to do with it. But that plugin was never designed to be available after the end of 2021. By then, WP expects everyone to have embraced Gutenberg.

But there is more to how WP is changing than simply using a new editor. The whole design of the core functions is changing and will never again operate the way it did in the past. ClassicPress knew this and realized a long-term solution meant creating a completely new fork of WP.

If you are a website owner who has only a basic understanding of things technical, then you need somewhere to go to ask questions, without feeling embarrassed or being jumped on by a well-meaning but “geek” who baffles you with things you don’t understand.

The forum here is set up to enable exactly that. As the admin, I will not allow people to talk down to members or get into a fight over topics. This is a peer-to-peer forum where everyone is treated as an equal and with respect. You should feel completely comfortable to discuss anything you don’t understand, without being treated as some sort of technical fool.

The majority of people using WordPress only know how to install it, pick a theme, add plugins and write their posts. They are not designers or coding experts. In fact, a lot simply use the one-click installer provided by their web host. ClassicPress provides a migration plugin that will switch your WordPress installation to ClassicPress with one click. It is not rocket science.

However, you may still need help if something goes wrong with the migration or you find one or more of your plugins don’t work with ClassicPress. Forum members can offer advice on what to do and suggest other plugins that will work for you. If you really get stuck, then we can ask the CP team for help.

So, please don’t feel you have nothing to offer the forum. We all had to start at the beginning initially and learned by trial and error how to fix things. I am not saying members cannot give you technical advice, just that they must do it in a respectful manner.

For ClassicPress to grow, it needs people to use it, see the benefits, and have a place to come to when they run into a problem. They will then tell their friends how much better it is than Gutenberg or the weird way WordPress now works. That is why I have called it a “Club”, because it will be made up of members who are all in the same boat and feel comfortable asking each other for help. There are no bosses here, just an admin to keep the peace!