Using a Page Builder

This page has been built using the free version of the Elementor plugin. Normally you cannot edit the header, footer or menus unless you upgrade to the paid version. But I have used a trick which is simple and free.

By installing the Simple CSS plugin, you can add your own CSS on a page-by-page basis.

When I created this page, I removed the header and footer with two simple entries:

.site-header {
display: none;
.site-footer .widget-area {
display: none;


That gave me a completely blank page to work with.

Then I used Elementor to add the “Home” image and link to take you back to the home page. I also added the “copyright” text to simulate the footer.

Using this technique means you can design any page of your site from scratch, without having to pay the annual fee for Elementor’s Theme Builder addon to do it.

This is what Gutenberg is designed to do, but you can do this in ClassicPress without all the hassles of WordPress.

Notice I have also changed the hyperlinks to the traditional blue, rather than the underlined black of the twentyseventeen theme default.

Here, I have created two columns and added a border to identify them. This box is using the Arial font and I have set the colour to black.

In this column, I have used a script font to highlight how dramatically you can change the font style. These are not tables, but fully responsive elements.


The three images below will take you to the page in the text underneath. Each one has a different hover effect. This is a good technique for “Call to Action” buttons on your site.

ClassicPress Club Objective


Advanced Editor

Advanced Editor



My aim in creating this page is to show how Elementor integrates flawlessly with ClassicPress. Page builders are not for everyone, but for those who wish to use one, then at least you can see they work.

I am not a fan of them and certainly have no experience in designing a site that uses one. So the examples I have used here are very basic.

There is not much point in trying to show any further features, because those who use them will already know what they can do. But for people who have never used one, or even heard of them, then you will get an idea of the extra design power they give you.

The best part is, both Simple CSS and the basic Elementor plugins are free. You only need to buy additional addons for Elementor, if and when you need them.

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