Welcome to the ClassicPress Club

For those who do not know, ClassicPress is a fork of WordPress that does not use the Gutenberg block editor. Version 1 is functionally almost identical to version 4.9 of WordPress, at least as far as users are concerned.

It was created because moving to a block editing principle, that either broke websites or made writing content unnecessarily difficult and cumbersome, was not something that should have been done at a core level.

If Gutenberg had been left as an optional plugin, then there wouldn’t have been a problem. If website owners wanted to use block editing, then there were plenty of page builder plugins that would have worked fine with WordPress (WP) as it was and do now with ClassicPress (CP).

This website has been set up as a place for website owners to get together through the forum to discuss the benefits or problems they are experiencing when using CP. It is not operated by any of the CP team members and is not an official CP site. It is not affiliated with nor endorsed by them and has only been allowed to use ClassicPress in the domain name as long as this is made abundantly clear.

This site is not designed to be in competition with the official site or to replace it, but to be a place where users, who may only have limited technical skills, can post questions without feeling embarrassed. Also, we are not concerned with the finer details of how CP actually works or how it is governed.

Having followed the official forum and the Slack channels, I feel they can be a bit intimidating and are mostly dealing with topics the average user is not interested in. By all means use them if you need professional support, but this site is more for laid-back and informal discussion.

ClassicPress is designed to retain the “classic” style of WordPress, before they moved to block editing. While it is a fork of WP, it is not about heading in a new direction. In fact it is more about maintaining and improving on the original one. If you prefer or actually have to use the methods used by WP 4.9, then CP will be a godsend for you, because nothing will have changed.

Having said that, there will be plugins that are either owned by WP (Automatiic) or by developers that decide not to support WP 4.9 anymore. That will mean finding new ones for your site or using ones that have been written specifically for CP, which is already happening. This means CP may not be for you if you rely on some specialised plugins. However, CP will be addressing this issue as they move forward.

So feel free to register for the forum so you can participate in the discussions, and I hope you find it helpful and a friendly place to hang out. The site is currently on shared hosting, so it will struggle if we get a lot of users online at the same time. We will worry about that if and when it becomes a problem.

Please note that this site is run from Australia in the GMT+8 timezone. Messages will only be seen from 2am to 4pm GMT.

Graham Beech
Site Admin