The Shared Hosting Club

The Shared Hosting Club

To help people who may be new to web hosting and website building, I have setup a club for cheap but quality web hosting. Members get their first site included, with additional sites at a further discounted rate. With ClassicPress now available through Softaculous, this is a great opportunity for people to take it for a spin.

Arranging hosting and setting up a website can be a daunting task, which is why there are hosted options such as Wix and Squarespace. But having your own hosting and ClassicPress installation gives you much more control over every aspect of both your hosting and how you setup your website, plugins and theme.

Searching for a reliable hosting company that has an affordable plan and a data centre near you is a tedious process. More importantly, the level of support you get can vary from helpful to one line cryptic replies, that raise more questions than they answer.

The Shared Hosting Club is designed to simplify these things and provide members with not only a great price, but a much deeper level of support than you would get from a hosting company. As members, you get support via email, a WhatsApp phone number and a support forum.

Even if you have never made your own website, I or other members, will walk you through everything you need to do. You are not limited to ClassicPress and can install any CMS from over 400 offered by Softaculous. But my area of expertise is in WordPress and now ClassicPress, so that is what I will be focusing on.

However, the forum is there for members who are using another CMS and need help. The idea being, someone there will have used your CMS and can answer your questions. Like any forum, it will take time for member numbers to grow.

The hosting is ordered through me and is provided by wholesalers in France, Singapore and Canada. This enables you to choose the location that is best suited to your visitors, so they get the fastest speed. The hosting setup, billing and technical support is handled by me.

Because I buy the resources upfront and in bulk, I can divide them up into smaller retail packages for members and sell them at an affordable price. There is only one plan used, which has 10 GB of SSD disk space and 40 GB of monthly bandwidth.

The average ClassicPress installation uses less than 1 GB of disk space and around 5 GB of monthly bandwidth, so the plan is more than ample for anything from a blog to a small business website.

The hosting uses cPanel, has free SSL installed and a reliability of 99.9%. My wholesalers are major hosting companies that have been in the business for many years. Full details can be found at the club site.

Membership costs US$18.00 per year, which includes one website. Further sites will only cost you $12 per year. You are covered by a 30-day, money back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with unsuitable hosting.

So, if you have been thinking about setting up a website, but have been dreading the work involved or even where to start, then the club could be just what you needed. You will get the help you need, from someone you know, and will not be just another sale for some multinational hosting company.

This is for shared hosting only though. If you need the power of VPS or Dedicated hosting, then the club will not be for you. For $1 per month, you can’t expect miracles!

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