ClassicPress Added to Installatron


Efforts by the community have paid off, with ClassicPress now being made available in Installatron as a one-click installation. This will see the uptake of website owners choosing CP greatly increase. And there’s more going on!

One of the hurdles facing CP was, either you had to first install WordPress and use the migration plugin or it had to be installed from scratch using FTP. For many website owners, that is not an option, primarily because they have no idea what FTP is. Having it now available as a one-click installer will begin to see more and more people willing to use CP instead of WordPress.

Users now see the normal Installatron screen, with an option to try a live demo before choosing to install it:


Hopefully, it won’t take long before the same option will be added to Softaculous, the main one-click installer used by hosting companies.

There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes on other important features too. Another hurdle preventing a lot of WP users from switching to CP is no alternative to the WooCommerce plugin. Since that is owned by Automatiic, it would only be a matter of time before it would either be blocked from installation on CP or they dropped support for WP 4.9.x which appears to have happened.

The CP developers had started working on Classic Commerce as a fork of WooCommerce and are now very close to releasing the first, fully functional version. For business websites, having this plugin is very often a must.

For the same reasons, there was a need to have an alternative for Yoast SEO and work on Classic SEO is almost complete.

Eventually, CP will have a plugin directory of its own, not a repository, but more of a “table of contents”, where you can find plugins specifically built for CP. In the meantime, developers are hosting their plugins on GitHub and there was no mechanism for website owners to know when new versions were released. Consequently, a ClassicPress Update Manager plugin has been built and is in the final stages of testing.

You can read all about these and more at the official forum. While on the surface, not much appears to be happening with CP, when you follow the forum you realize there is constant work and ideas being discussed and initiated.

The committee for 2020 is also holding their first election for members. The founding committee members are now being subjected to the same democratic principles that define how CP is governed. Nominations were sought and candidates submitted their “speech”. Voting by community members will begin in December.

For a small team taking on a huge task, ClassicPress has come a long way in just over a year. It is about to become an acceptable and viable alternative to WordPress, for people who want nothing to do with block editing or the direction WP is heading.

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