Elementor and Simple CSS


Normally the free version of Elementor doesn’t allow you to edit a page’s header, footer or menus. But by using the Simple CSS plugin, you can now create your ClassicPress pages from scratch for free.

Simple CSS is made by Tom Usborne, the owner of the GeneratePress theme. When you install it, you get two options, a light or dark look. Then you get a new section for your page or post when creating it:

Simple CSS

This means you can use your own CSS on a page-by-page basis. By adding the two rules above, I can completely remove the header, its image and menu, and the footer and its widgets. This gives me a bare-bones page which is completely blank, but maintains its essential properties.

If you now install the free version of Elementor, you have a blank canvas to work with. I can now simply add text blocks to create a menu bar and footer. In fact, I can design the page or post any way I want. All I need to do is create hyperlinks to enable people to go anywhere on my site.

For this site, I have made a simple page that you can find from the main menu, called Elementor. It has a “Home” icon which takes visitors back to the normal site layout when leaving the page.

I am no expert when it comes to using Elementor or any other page builder, but I have given a few examples of what it can do. Because of Simple CSS, you now don’t need to pay the yearly fee to access the theme builder function of Elementor Pro, no matter how many sites you own!

You only need to buy addons if and when you need them. For most people, they will be able to do what Gutenberg set out to do for free and without all the hassles.

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