Take Back Control of Your Site

Take Back Control

With the introduction of Gutenberg, WordPress set off a series of changes that will forever change how it operates. Site owners are now driving blind, with no idea what nasty surprise is waiting around the next bend. ClassicPress restores sanity to your website and allows you to get back in control of how you want it to work and look.

There was a time, actually less than 12 months ago, when WordPress was a stable platform to use. You knew how it worked and had learnt the tricks you needed to make it your own. Then, at WCUS 2018 in the “State of the Word” video, Matt Mullenweg, the “Benevolent Dictator” of WordPress, dropped the bomb shell that only a few knew was coming. Gutenberg.

But if you watch the full video, you will pick up on the other changes he briefly outlined for the future. These included what we now see, such as being able to design your own layout from scratch, doing away with the need for themes or page builders.

In its attempts to “modernise”, WordPress now gives anyone the ability to bring back the good ole days of Geocities and make sites that look like they were designed by a five year old. To help in this, they make it harder and harder to actually use it as it has worked for many, many years.

A constant flood of updates, that often break existing sites, is frustrating users to the point of despair. It appears no one is listening to the user and if you don’t like the way things are heading, then WordPress is quite happy if you leave and choose another CMS.

While some people may do just that, most need the themes and plugins that make their site what it is. Moving to another platform is simply not an option. So what is the solution? ClassicPress. With ClassicPress, you effectively get WordPress without the changes made since Gutenberg started pushing its weight around.

ClassicPress allows you to take back control of your website, providing a stable and predictable platform that works the way you’re used to. While we all realise you can’t hold back progress, there is also the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

WordPress wasn’t broken, but a lot of people now believe it is. It is debatable what, if any, improvements V5.x has introduced. Whether you’re simply a blogger, or run a commercial website, stability is arguably the most important requirement for a website platform. You need to know things will work tomorrow, the way they did yesterday.

ClassicPress is determined to ensure you don’t wake up one day to a nasty surprise and your site is broken or doing weird things. The team behind the project don’t make changes to the functionality of the CMS without a very good reason, and only after discussing them with users first.

This doesn’t mean you are forced to use an outdated and insecure CMS. If there is an issue that needs to be addressed, then it will be. But that doesn’t affect how the CMS works, it still behaves the same way. There is a big difference between maintaining a CMS and modifying it.

If you want a CMS that is predictable and secure, then ClassicPress will be a godsend for you. There is really no other alternative to WordPress that will do what ClassicPress does. It is literally WordPress as you knew it, but rebadged. More importantly, it will stay that way, unless users themselves want to see a particular feature changed or introduced.

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